Suggested Sutlers

Suggested Sutlers for your clothing a accoutrements;

* Robert Land Historic Footwear –

A source for quality reenacting shoes, also sold by Najecki

* Fugawee Shoes –

Source of good 18th century reproduction shoes

*Najecki Reproductions – Source of 4BP buttons and other special uniform items

*Henderson’s Redware –

* Smoke and Fire Online Store – Goods for Living HistoryReenactors

*Panther Primitives Tents- Source for period tentage

*Tentsmiths – Source for period tents

*Carl Giordano Tinsmith for fine tinware for camp

*James Townsend & Son Reproductions

Well known sulter for clothing, cooking supplies, camp gear etc.

*Goosebay Workshops – Sutler dealing in handmade copper items

*G Gedney Godwin Sutler – Wide veriety of items

*Avalon Forge – Books, Tools, cooking & eating equip., field gear, Misc.

*Dixie Gun Works – Guns, parts and other supplies.

*Dixon Muzzleloading Shop – Guns, supplies, clothing, misc.

*Track of the Wolf, Inc. – 18th century supplies

*Smiling Fox Forge – Goods for Living HistoryReenactors